Of all of the commercials to debut during Sunday’s Super Bowl LI, it was Legion (set to debut the pilot episode tonight on FX) that was the most prevalent. That trailer must’ve been shown at least a dozen times throughout all of the commercial breaks combined. It was so pervasive during the broadcast that one would think its intent was to drown out its competition. A clever advertisement tactic, but woefully ineffective. Several other stand-out commercials broke through the walls of Legion, one of which was a new trailer for season two of Netflix’s Stranger Things.


The breakout series is known for its 80s horror homages and deft psychological thrills, and season two looks to be even more ominous. All three boys (Mike, Lucas, and Dustin) have returned along with the taciturn telekinetic Eleven. Season two is fittingly set to debut this Halloween and I’m looking forward to it, especially with the Ghostbusters homage above. Come to think of it, the inclusion of that homage not only serves as a reverent shout-out (season two takes place in 1984), but also a subtle shot at franchise’s critically-panned on-screen reboot last year. Check out the second teaser below.