My hot take that nobody asked for: It was decent. The mid-section is the strongest part. Gadot and Pine are good together (Thank God!) and the nods to Brian Azzarello’s comic book run, George Perez’s run, and Richard Donner’s SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE are all appreciated. As a matter of fact, I’ll even go as far as to say there are some fairly direct pulls from other superheroes flicks, as well. Even **GASP** Marvel ones.

There is, however,  one element of the film that I will openly admit to thinking too long about: The use of energy projectiles as a storytelling tool.

From fans and critics alike, one major gripe against the superhero movie genre is the use of beams of energy to doom the world…and/or defeat the bad guy…and/or as a visual representation of eternal struggle…and/or a doomsday clock. Now, as the video above points out, superhero films didn’t invent this trope…but, MAN, do they overuse it.

Naturally, I took to Twitter to discuss…

To which, longtime friend and fellow vampire, @That_Urban_Punk, chimed in with…

Which is also fair.

But let’s keep it going with more examples. Like Alex Ross’ work on MARVELS.

Maybe something more recent like Ryan Brown’s work on CURSE WORDS.

Or BATTLING BOY by Paul Pope.

And, just to bring it back to DC Comic characters, how about Adam Kubert’s work on Richard Donner and Geoff Johns’ SUPERMAN: LAST SON.

And before you accuse me of being a loser who thinks about shit no one cares about…I know.

This is supposed to be “constantly”, by the way.

And that’s it.

Needless to say, there is a WONDER WOMAN “light show” at some point in the film. Which also invites another thing that I really want comic book movies to retire: The INJUSTICE video game-like fight sequences between heroes and villains. This seems to be a thing the DCEU has really made it’s home with. MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN V. SUPERMAN end with a showdown that feels like I’m watching someone play a fighter from WB Games/NetherRealm. But that’s a late-night tweet for another time.

*Sorry, I’m a child of 1970s television. I will always hear “Wonder Woman” sung instead of spoken in my head.