We all know that the Christoper Nolan directed run of Batman films are some of the best in cinema history. Even if you don’t particularly like them you can’t deny that Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises are seminal works of cinema that have defined superhero movies forever.

Having said that, College Humor has ripped the Nolan films to shreds over and over again and it’s great. If you ask me it’s actually more enjoyable than watching the films themselves in a perverse, hall of mirrors sort of way.

So in celebration of what College Humor has done we are rounding up the best “College Humor” Batman (or “Badman” to skirt copyright laws) skits into one big ball of awesome. Enjoy, and let us know your favorite comedic Batman moments in the comments.

1. Batman can’t stop talking about sex.

2. Batman vs. The Penguin (a.k.a Batman breaks his #1 rule)

3. Batman vs Two-Face

4. Batman Blows His Cover

5. Batman At The Office (and the best) (and trust me the video plays)



Hope you enjoyed this! These are 5 of MY favorites but feel free to hunt down more and enjoy more Badman goodness.