Oh boy…oh boy oh boy oh boy. Mark Wahlberg is back at his terrorist-fighting best in this latest action monster featuring Wahlberg as the leader of the CIA’s third option, “Overwatch”. He is also teaming up with Peter Berg, who he worked with on the fantastic Lone Survivor and Patriots Day.  I smell another legendary action movie bromance in the making here!

The movie also stars Ronda Rousey (Expendables 3), Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead), and John Malkovich (Red). Most importantly we have Iko Uwais co-starring. He is the star of The Raid: Redemption franchise, which along with John Wick may lay claim to being the best action movies of the decade.

So yeah, if this movie doesn’t deliver the goods I don’t know what will. Enjoy, and be sure to check this movie out when it hits theatres August 8th!