Action A Go Go : THE (symbolic) 100TH POST
Hi Everybody,
I just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that Action A Go Go has made it passed 100 POSTS! That is more than 100 blog entries celebrating and complaining about everyone’s favorite film genre, ACTION MOVIES!
I want to thank Troy Jeffrey Allen for helping make this little blog happen, and without his continued support it wouldn’t be anywhere nearly as entertaining as it is now.
I also want to thank Gene (The Producer) Green and Nick (a.k.a That_Urban_Punk), who I regularly chat with on the MOKA podcast / INTERNET RADIO SHOW(!). It’s always fun talking/arguing on air and I hope we get to do it for years to come. It’s always a pleasure, guys.
But most of all, thank you, the readers, for visiting this little part of the internet and stopping to take a look. The only reason I write this stuff is so someone can read it and (hopefully) gain some deeper insight and appreciation into the movies we love.
You guys are awesome, and keep us going. You’re the best.
Feel free to add anything to the comments and above all else have fun out there.
Derek Scarzella (a.k.a D Rock, a.k.a Ragu (thanks Nick), a.k.a DScarzilla)