Believe it or not, it’s really hard finding a bunch of pictures of any particular Hollywood actress. Seriously, some of them simply aren’t in that many high quality photo shoots. Not Olivia Wilde.
This was all too easy this go round. And no wonder. She’s been in a string of big movies and has become one of the go to actresses for comedies, and fortunately for us, action films. Her big break was her recurring role on the T.V series HOUSE M.D but she made a splash on the big screen as Quorra in the movie TRON LEGACY (2010).
What’s bringing her to our attention this week? She’ll be starring in RUSH alongside Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl. Directed by Ron Howard, his movie is about one of the greatest rivalries in motorsports history and is set to be one of the best motor racing films of all time.
As a car guy, I can’t wait. But enough about that. Below are some choice pictures of Olivia Wilde, our ACTION A GO GO VIXEN OF THE WEEK!

My thoughts exactly Dr. Grant!