Artist Pat Starace has a good heart and a background in animatronics. So why not put them both to some good use?

Utilizing innovative 3D printer technology, Starace has created a prosthetic of Tony Stark/Iron Man’s red and gold gauntlet for children. This bad boy is voice-activated for “lasers,” can grip objects like a normal hand, and also happens to be the most awesome pocket for random crap imaginable.

The following diagram (infographic?) gives you a rough idea of this child prosthetic hands functionality…


On his site, Pat explains what moved him to do this (video follows):

How can we help a child that faces everyday challenges with a disability? My answer is to give them the most awesome prosthetic hand, and raise their self esteem to Super Hero Levels. The vision was to create a hand, so that a child can have something that solves a mechanical challenge, is affordable, and mostly Looks Awesome!

Design goals:
1) It had to look awesome
2) It had to perform awesome
3) Hide all the strings, so nothing distracts from the magic.

Thank You,

Your pal,
Pat Starace
(The mechanic)

I’d love to be part of a Research & Development Group, and together we can make a difference.


Needless to say that this is an excellent gift for Halloween. More importantly, with a few specialized modifications, it could also come in handy for children with missing limbs. Which I imagine is why Starace didn’t Kickstart this for mass production but instead would like it if parents contact him individually.

If you are at all interested or know someone who is then request the Iron Man hand now. I’m sure it’ll make some kids day.