Marvel’s PR team has been working overtime this week.

For those of you who were excited about this week’s Marvel movies news but were wondering about, y’know…comics, Amazing Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott tweeted this on the 28th…

Sure enough, Marvel revealed this cover image today…


This is the image for The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, and according to Entertainment Weekly “it’s absolutely loaded with callouts to some of the most controversial moments in Spidey history.”

That’s no lie. If this cover is any indication, Marvel is about to retcon a retcon of a retcon. Bringing the estranged couple of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mary Jane back together after a questionable 2008 story where Parker traded his marriage for the life of his Aunt May…by making a pact with the devil. To add injury to insult, right before snapping his fingers and granting our hero the cheapest divorce in history, Mephisto (Marvel’s embodiment of the devil) informed Peter that he was destined to have a baby with Mary Jane. Funny how deals with the devil work.

You can find out about the whole sordid affair (and not waste money on trying to actually read through any of this) by simply checking out the Wikipedia page.

Source: Entertainment Weekly