Bringing new meaning to the term “counter-intelligence,” the CIA has not only created an official Twitter account but updates it multiple times daily. Amusingly enough, they seem fond of using the acronym ICYMI (“in case you missed it”). Which is amusing because one would assume that that would be their primary objective.

ICYMI, on November 7th, the Central Intelligence Agency took to their account to debunk some of the details of 2012’s Academy Award-winning film Argo.

Directed by Ben Affleck, Argo dramatized the events surrounding the safe passage of U.S. diplomats out of Tehran in 1979. The film was made with the cooperation of Tony Mendez, the operative who led the rescue, and the CIA of course.

Below, we’ve screen captured the tweets of the CIA for your perusal. Which, in retrospect, sounds a lot more daring than it actually was. Enjoy.

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