Actor Ryan Reynolds gives us our first glimpse of the upcoming film.

By Zak Attack

After the mess that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, we’ve all held out on the hope that a new Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds might actually feel true to the character.  The leaked test footage was the first hint, but now we actually have some real proof!  Ryan Reynolds tweeted a vague, colorless look at a test costume.  Which is heartening, since some people were slightly worried that they would make a full CGI-animated Deadpool film where Reynolds merely provided the voice.  Check it out for yourself below:

Deadpool Mask


“Sepia tone disguises the fact the mask is ballerina pink. It’s early. 365 sleeps early.


Who else is excited?  Even if it was “ballerina pink” I’d be on board.  Of course, ballerina pink isn’t all that new to the Merc with a Mouth anyway.


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