You know, I go to a lot of comic conventions and I don’t see enough Ripley cosplay. Sure, Ripley’s jumpsuit isn’t the most creatively satisfying thing in the world to recreate (just go to an Army surplus store), but think about how awesome that 80s hair could be…!

As a matter of fact, the good folks at “AWE me” have done the hard part for all you lazy ass cosplayers out there. They’ve recreated Ripley’s M41-A pulse rifle using cardboard and a super soaker. The best part…they did it under $50.

From AWE me (video follows):

We build so many amazing weapons and props, we wanted to offer a show where you at home could build them yourself! Follow along with our host Dustin McLean (“Homemade Movies”) as he shows you how to build awesome props from all of your favorite movies & games, for under $50!

This week, make like Ripley and build your own Pulse Rifle from Aliens. Flame Thrower optional.

So what are you waiting for cosplayers? Grab a street cat (preferably a tabby), some cardboard, hot glue, and get cracking. Filmdom’s greatest heroine needs more representation!

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Troy-Jeffrey Allen writes about action/adventure for Action A Go Go. He is a comic book writer whose works include, The Magic Bullet, Dr. Dremo’s Taphouse of Tall Tales, and the Harvey Award nominated District Comics. In addition, Allen has been a contributing writer for, OfNote Magazine, and His work has been featured in the City Paper, The Baltimore Sun, Bethesda Magazine, The Examiner, and The Washington Post. Yes, he wrote this bio.