Contrary to what certain corners of the Internet may parrot, “masculinity” isn’t a dirty word. That hasn’t stopped the various denizens of social media from using it to criticize anything that might be too awesome and  aggressive for their hug box.  But here is another thought: What if “masculinity” can be both positive and negative? What if not all masculinity was “toxic”? As a matter of fact, I’ll go even a step further and say that masculinity is a very broad term that can be applied to men and women. (*GASP*)


In the following clip, YouTuber Liana Kerzner uses Creed, the latest Rocky film, to examine the merits of masculinity. Also,  because Liana’s channel typically focuses on the world of gaming, she finds a really interesting way to tie it all into the games industry’s ongoing culture war – particularly how the concepts of violence and resilience can support narrative. It’s great insight, the kind of balance that checks all the right boxes and attacks the subject of gender from every conceivable angle. Also, Creed is an awesome movie to talk about.

Take a listen…

Source: YouTube