Ben Affleck has been through being in a bad comic book movie before. His turn as Daredevil (2003) was a disaster from the era when a whole raft of bad comic book movies hit the screens. It put a big hurting on his career, and it’s still something he makes fun of to this day, much like George Clooney makes fun of his turn as Batman.


So you can understand if Affleck is feeling a little upset about all the bad publicity Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice seems to be getting. In the following video from Sabconth, actor Henry Cavill (Superman) just powers through like a champ when an interviewer asks him about the movie’s bad review. Affleck on the other hand…

And don’t worry, Ben. The rest of us don’t have shiny Oscars for Best Screenplay AND Best Picture at home to keep us company 😉

Source: YouTube