VR is all the rage these days, and no one is going as far as THE VOID to bring VR to the masses. They are an outfit headquartered in Utah that bring immersive VR experiences to life.

Essentially, instead of just putting on a VR headset you put on some more gear and walk around a guided tour with interactive elements that enhance the reality of the VR. For instance: It will start raining while you are fighting dragons. That means mist may spray you with droplets of water. Is the dragon breathing fire? Well then a heater will warm up the room to enhance the experience.

It’s pretty cool, and sounds like an old school arcade dialed up to eleven.

That experience is going to be rolled out with the upcoming Sony pictures release of Ghostbusters and will be hosted by the Madame Tussauds New York location. It begins in July and marks the first time THE VOID experience will be open to the public. The whole thing sounds very intense as well.

THE VOID Press Release explains:

Visitors to Madame Tussauds New York will also be invited to engage with Ghostbusters like never before. The cinematic experience is brought to life with state-of-the-art technology, authentic props, costumes, a vehicle, gadgets and exclusive content designed to spook guests as they move through multiple scenes inspired by the film. After exploring the iconic Ghostbusters Headquarters, guests experience the epic finale, in which visitors take part in a ghost hunt of their own, saving New York City from a paranormal villain. This supernatural encounter will also include figures of the Ghostbusters crew from the new movie, all of whom are prepared to help visitors wage battle against nefarious paranormal activity.

Whether you are looking to go see the movie when it lands in theatres July 15th or if this experience is an opportunity to taste pure VR — short of doing this …


…The Void is going to be the closest thing to waking up in the actual Matrix. We highly recommend it.

Source: The Void