Shane Black’s The Nice Guys hits theaters this week, and the reviews have already rolled in with positive buzz. But you don’t need a tomatometer to tell you’s Shane Black. This dude wrote Lethal Weapon, Last Boy Scout, Long Kiss Goodnight, and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. His track record with action-packed detective flicks spans several decades and reads like a checklist of genre-defining moments and cult favorites.*

With the release of The Nice Guys, Shane Black is everywhere. He’s hitting the press circuit for his new film (of course), he’s advancing on his Doc Savage adaptation, he’s at the center of some very enticing Predator speculation, and…he’s below. In the following sit-down interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Black chats about the Lethal Weapon TV show, pulp novels, Richard Donner, almost losing his career to the bottle, and much much more. True to his body of work Black talks fast, profanely, frankly, and hilariously.

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*He also did Iron Man 3, but one film doesn’t hurt his cred with us.

Source: Happy Sad Confused