I’ll be the first to admit that comb purchasing isn’t high on my list of priorities. Well, I mean…most of my purchases aren’t high on my list of priorities. As a matter of fact, I’ll go an extra week without groceries if there is a steelbook, Marvel omnibus, or bottle of Espolon calling my name.

What’s that saying about a fool and his money?

Oh. Combs. Right.

The bearded gents over at BeardGains have changed the game when it comes to grooming accessories. Not only do they have comb picks. Not only do they have knuckle comb picks. But they also have Punisher themed ones. Grooming just became Action A Go Go’s new favorite pastime.

Too much? Sorry.

Product details and gallery follow:

Why Is Wood Better For Your Beard?

When you comb your beard with a wooden comb, the wood itself will soak up the oils on your skin. So with repetition, the wood will saturate and what was once taking away from your skin, now gives back with each brush of the whiskers. Oils keep your beard & skin healthy, that’s why we also offer and suggest our Organic Beard Oil as an ultimate compliment to this very unique comb.

These are extremely labor intensive, detailed, and by far a superior product. Each comb is surgically hand crafted with prestige & guaranteed perfection. There are no disappointments. We show our appreciation in you, by the hard work and quality we put into our products. Just the right size, just the right styling, just the right comb for your beard.

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So here is what you do: Go to Beard Gains’ etsy store, by your ass a wooden grenade comb and a wooden Punisher set…then head over to beardedfeller.com and scoop up one of their Premium Big Beard Kits. And when they both arrive in the mail, use them with care —  act like you have an iota of self respect, and take care of that cheese grater you call a head. Your face will thank you.

Source: BeardGains