You know the drill. It’s the 80s, our protagonist is a senior in high school and a real dweeb-o-rama, wasting his time in arcades hoping the hottest girl in school will stop dating the jocks.

Then he finds a mysterious gauntlet from outer space that grants him the powers of a Satan Ninja and his life is radically altered.

That’s Satan Ninja 198X, a super bad (that meant cool in the 80s by the way) webcomic written by Adam Dravian and drawn by Jessica Safron, in the barest of nutshells.

It had been awhile since AAGG had checked up SN8X, so I put together a short video review of the comic below for your viewing pleasure.

If you want to know more about the creators of SN8X, check out AAGG’s sick interview with Jessica Safron, and if you like this review let us know down in the comments. Also, don’t forget to read the comic for free at