Things were a little too quiet over at San Diego Comic Con earlier in the day. Leave it to Marvel to walk into Hall H and deliver the goods and get all of the Internet in a tizzy.

Yes, I said “tizzy.”

Oh, where do we begin? How about a quick taste of The Defenders?

Yeah, not much to go off, I know. But it’s still kinda neat to see that Marvel is once again committed to putting all the pieces of their expanded universe together. Especially since it will be largely Mature content we’ll be getting.

As you saw in the above tease, the current Netflix shows of Jessica Jones and Daredevil are getting some help from a few additional street level heroes. Iron Fist, for example…

And, of course, Iron Fist wouldn’t roll without Luke Cage…

Put them together and what do you got?

And one final added bonus: Daredevil fans are in luck. Season 3 just got the greenlight. Looks like Marvel is hellbent on never giving me a chance to watch those Stephen Hawking specials in my queue?

Stay tuned.

Source: Netflix US & Canada