Yo Brommando!

Who doesn’t like kicking back and discussing with friends what impending movies they plan on seeing in theaters? That’s why I decided to make it a monthly thing on my Youtube channel in the form of a live stream.

Join us as myself and guest commentators (John the ShakkaPanda, The Angry Gamer, and Sir Huggs) tackle all the soon to be released action films for the month of September 2016: Magnificent Seven, Hard Target 2, Skiptrace, Deepwater Horizon, and Maximum Ride (?).

How good am I at running a live stream? Plain terrible, but you won’t know how bad unless you see for yourself below.

UPCOMING ACTION !LIVE! is a monthly, anything goes, live stream hosted by me on my youtube channel, ActionRation (www.youtube.com/actionration). For details on our next event, follow me on Twitter @actionration.