Yo Brommando!

Yes, we’re back to barrel through another revolver’s worth of movies. This time I was joined by John, aka ShakkaPanda, a fellow contributor here at AAGG and action enthusiast.

Movies covered in this month’s stream: Doctor Strange, Hacksaw Ridge, Eliminators, The Take, Life on the Line, and Mel Gibson’s cigar ash beard.

We also covered the erection inducing Officer Downe, a hard R adaptation of a graphic novel about an undead cop who fights gun running nuns in a futuristic L.A., or in other words, Robocop on LSD.

Final thoughts? We recorded this on the 7th so ignore our beseechings that you get out to vote because it is far too late now. Also, John Travolta appears to be in competition with Mark Wahlberg for the most blue-collar, working class hero role of the year. That’s about it.

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