Here’s a movie credit for you:vanishing_point-nuderider

Yes, Gilda Texter played the part of the “nude motorcycle rider” in the 1971 action classic Vanishing Point!Vanishing Point Poster

Here is a fascinating piece of Hollywood trivia about a young actress who makes her movie debut by riding naked on a motorcycle in a great cult action film – and turned it into a career in movies.


Here is the story: Gilda Texter was a young starlet in Hollywood in the early 70’s, when fame called on the back of a Harley! She got a very memorable role: she played a nameless, naked motorcycle rider in the cult classic Vanishing Point!

Texter was “discovered” when she rode this motorcycle naked across the desert for a few minutes in the film…a film that became a cult hit in 1971.

naked-gilda texter

Soon , Gilda Texter became the “IT” girl, a sex symbol getting tons of attention, which she parlayed in her next film – check out the classic exploitation poster:


“PLEASE NOTE: If you are shocked or embarrassed by total nudity and sexual activity, you are urged NOT to attend.”


Gilda Texter followed this up with  another exploitation classic:

Angels Hard They Come

Angels Hard As They Come!

I love how blatant this poster is – I love this era in film where these posters were used to such pandering effect –

Actress Gilda Texter

While Gilda Texter was promoted as a sex symbol and achieved her greatest claim for a nude scene, she ended up with a great career in the costume and wardrobe departments of over 40 movies and television productions!

Texter was Costume Supervisor on a number of movies, such as “Romancing The Stone”, Brian DePalma’s “Snake Eyes”, and “The Green Mile” with Tom Hanks.

Kudos to Gilda Texter for her career both in front of and behind the camera – and if you haven’t seen Vanishing Point, it’s a great action film.

Here is the trailer for Vanishing Point, with Gilda’s part prominently featured :