It’s too easy to complain about comics. As a matter of fact, comic fans have too long of a history of talking about the stuff they hate more than the stuff they are reading. Add The Internet into the mix and what you have is a constant bitchfest about why “comics are dying” (heard that before), why comic shops are a toxic wasteland of awfulness (but you still shop at Walmart, right?), how SJWs are taking over comics (maybe you’ve aged out of certain titles — time to read something new!), and how comics have never represented people of color or women (way too broad of a statement to be historically accurate).

So let’s put an end to that. Let’s only talk about what we love to read.

I can tell you right now that my regular comic shop pull consists of Warren Ellis’ THE WILDSTORMALIEN: DEAD ORBIT, BRITANNIAMark Millar’s ongoing “Jupiter’s” series, and Dynamite Comics’ collection of 007 mini-series. That’s just scratching the surface, though. Because, let’s face it, comics are like crack if you do it right.

Which brings me to the jaw-droppingly gorgeous FURY series from Marvel.


I’ll openly admit that FURY is very much a book meant to fully display the artwork of artist Aco. But with pages like these… 197819_1121405_1005 197845_1121687_1011

…why wouldn’t you put the art on full display.

FURY isn’t as plot-heavy as Dynamite’s stellar James Bond comics. Nor does it seem all that concerned about engrossing you in an ever expanding conspiracy plot like THE WILDSTORM. It’s a villain of the month comic with just straight up amazing artwork. And sometimes that’s enough.

Thus far, it seems like you can pick up any issue of FURY without having to backtrack into 40 years of character continuity. And while I’m not one of those people that finds deep dives into continuity daunting, I can also appreciate not having to go that route.

FURY # 5 (preview pages below) hits comic book stores IRL and digitally on August 2nd. You literally can scoop this series up and read it at any point, so #5 is as good a jump on point as any. And if you dig the Jim Steranko-friendly story style then issues #1-4 aren’t hard to find. Or you could “trade wait,” but that’s how shit gets cancelled, y’all.

JUN170962-3JUN170962-4JUN170962-5JUN170962-6So stop reading bad shit. Stop complaining about reading shit. There are too many comics out there for there not to be something for you. And if you can’t find them then Action A Go Go has got you covered. We’ll be doing more reading suggestion articles like this one in the future. All you got to do is stay tuned.