by Roman Watts

I am a dyed-in-the-wool Metalhead and completely unapologetic to those that aren’t (Sorry). Metal is the greatest music on the planet. Period. I state this as fact, because, to me, it is fact… and wishy-washy qualifiers like, “I believe…” and “I think…” just aren’t very metal. So… deal with it!

Metal As $#@%!!!

Metal As $#@%!!!

Why is Metal the greatest music on the planet? Two words: energy and diversity. No other style of music can be so varied, from the beautiful to the absolutely brutal. Lining them all up, there’s Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Death Metal, Backened Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Grindcore, Deathcore, Goregrind, and on and on, but all of them bow down when the one true flag flies high: Heavy $#@&ing Metal!!


Yessir! I love Metal.

Great! We’ve settled that… still with me? Great!

So, why am I writing about it on a site dedicated to things like Batman and Mad Max (besides the fact that Batman and Mad Max are pretty $#@&ing Metal, themselves)? Well, for one, Metal is easily the most action-packed style of music ever created (with the exception of, maybe, Ragtime), but it also tends to breed some of the most fist-pumping, edge-of-your-seat videos around. So, I have filed this, sneaky bastard that I am, under “movies”!

(Metal! \m/_)

Below, for your headbanging convenience, I have compiled five of my (relatively) recent personal favorites (and five reasons why we should all be happy Vikings had bongos and not Flying Vs) to get you started down that infernal YouTube tunnel of darkness, should you so choose to take the leap!

Or… at least you’ll now know what’s likely on Thor’s iPod!

"You jest. Verily, I doth listen to Lady of Gaga."

“Verily you jest. I doth listen to Lady of Gaga.”

Let the Metal Mayhem commence! (Movies!!)


1) Amon Amarth – “Father Of The Wolf”

2) Behemoth – “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” [NSFW… if the people at your work are artless cretins]

3) Meshuggah – “I Am Colossus”

4) Arch Enemy – “You Will Know My Name”

5) Amorphis – “The Wanderer”

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