Seventeen years ago, I suffered from an addiction. One that changed my life forever.
I met the end of it after a year long battle. When it was over, I felt empty and I didn’t know what to do with myself. A few years ago, I was told that this drug would probably be reintroduced to me in a new form, that I should look out for it. The years have rolled by and I have done good to keep myself clean and keep myself from becoming addicted to anything anymore (except for chocolate, no, NEVER)!

Today……… Today I am restless. Today, my palms sweat as they did all those years ago, because today….
the rumor materialized.

Goosebumps riddled my body after seeing it with my own eyes, but even then, I stood firm. I remembered the struggle, I remembered the emptiness I was left with.

What if I pick it up again? Will it really have the same grip on me, will it still have that magic? What’s it going to be like after all these years?
A part of me wants to leave it in the past and remember it as it was in all its perfect glory. A part of me wants to know that feeling again and know what it tastes like in this new era.
With each passing minute, my panic sets deeper and deeper. I start to wonder if I am strong enough. I can’t sit still, I am growing weak.

….. I’m going to do it again…..


It is done.


Did you suffer from the same addiction? Are you excited for the remake or do you plan to remember it as it was? Let us know in the comments!

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