What follows is an excellent documentary about Moto Borgotaro, aptly titled Moto Borgotaro.  It’s a vintage motorcycle repair shop run by Peter Boggia and focuses on his love/hate relationship with motorcycles and … you guessed it, their design. In particular it focuses on a Moto Guzzi Le Mans racer that took him 3 years to restore.

It’s (far) too short and is packed to the gills with lovingly schizophrenic retro style. If you follow the source Robert Hardy gives a far more in depth look at the style of the movie and how it fits into the “maker” documentary style of film. My eyes were opened to this style and was happy to see how this movie flips this style on its head.

Also, if you aren’t in love with Italian motor cycles already, I hope this movie convinces you to appreciate them more. They are bueatiful, fun, and worth your attention (despite what Mr. Boggia has to say).

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