DEADPOOL, the latest MARVEL movie from 20th Century Fox Studios has been denied the right to screen in China. The report comes from Chinese media sources. The reasons for the denial are the movies graphic violence and language. Also, the movie couldn’t be edited to meet the demands because it would have caused “plot problems.”

For FOX, Ryan Reynolds, and anyone who hopes for more R rated comic book movies (like we do) this this really bad. If anything, material with more graphic storytelling can provide a richer experience for full grown adults and open up the possibilities for action that goes beyond bashing the same faceless bad guy over and over again.


But with the Chinese market being so important right now and a movies box office success being more elusive than ever it could be easy to see how this could discourage studios from making R rated fare in the future. PG-13 movies have dominated the box office but notable R rated films were making a resurgence and leading to some quality, intense cinema making it’s way to theatres. Hopefully studios will look passed this denial by the Chinese market and keep making solid R rated entertainment, but it will be hard to say no to making an additional $400 to $100 million in grosses in China.