When it comes to racing there is nothing quote like PRO trucks. If Formula 1 cars are the priceless thoroughbreds that catch peoples eyes globally and NASCAR stock cars capture America’s heart than PRO trucks are the roided out body builders of the racing world. Truthfully, they aren’t so much “trucks” as they are massive tubular chassis stuffed with 900 horsepower V-8 engines putting power through all 4 massive wheels with lot’s of suspension travel to soak up bumps at 110mph.

Normally you’ll find trucks like these out in the dessert running the SCORE series (trophy trucks) or dirt tracks in the Lucas Oil series (PRO trucks) but for Red Bull “normal” isn’t in their vocabulary. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that for the last few years they have been running PRO trucks on snow with studded tires. They call it the Frozen Rush and the series features some of the best drivers in Truck racing pounding around snow covered mountains normally reserved for skiing. So, if you’re keeping score, this is all sorts of crazy fun right here.

If you’re not familiar with PRO trucks and want to learn more this is a great thing to watch. Conversely, if you just want to watch some crazy #$%^ to pass the time on a Monday this is a great ticket as well.

Below are the  full 52 minute episodes from the 2014 first run, the 2015 even as well as the 2016 events. Yeah, we don’t like posting “clips” at AAGG, we post the whole damn thing!!! Enjoy, and let us know if you have any experience or are a fan of truck racing in the comments. You can also hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.




Source: Red Bull