A few weeks back, Nice Guys director Shane Black and producer Joel Silver had an all too amusing sit down on the Empire Podcast.What unfolded was one lively conversation in front of a screening room of audience members rapt by Black’s endless anecdotes.

As any regular at ActionAGoGo.com visitor can tell you, Black and Silver are treated like royalty around these parts. Largely because their collective contributions to our favorite genre includes films such as Lethal Weapon, Last Boy Scout, and Predator.  It’s the latter entry that informs our totally click-baity headline above (which Black does talk about on the podcast), but there are plenty of other (and less unpleasant) gems to be found in the following episode. For example: Did you know that Shane Black was inadvertently responsible for getting Nothing Last Forever‘s title changed to Die Hard? You didn’t? Well pull up a seat and enjoy some behind-the-scenes insight from two of action’s most valued filmmakers….