DEBATABLE 130 – Script Butcher, Jimmy George

JIMMY GEORGE joins me on the show to discuss his filmmaking career and a special new venture. To this point, George has been known for his partnership with Baltimore-native horror director, Chris LaMartina. As producer and co-writer, George has helped bring fan favorites to life, including the WNUF Halloween SpecialCall Girl of CthulhuWitch’s BrewPresident’s Day and the duo’s forthcoming What Happens Next Will Scare You. But he has an even scarier undertaking in his sights: running his own business.

“Script Butcher,” a script doctor service, sees George bringing years of writing and producing experience to helping those trying to improve, polish and unlock the greatness of their own screenplays. He has poured his whole self into the job, providing guidance and feedback that is rabidly sought after, and for the fraction of the price of other services. I love seeing this kind of positive work supporting creative artists. Great talk!

AUNDRIA also joins me in the intro to tease our upcoming coverage of Fantastic Fest 2017 for Action-A-Go-Go! It’s scrappley!

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