Takashi Miike birthday

 Happy 57th birthday to the visionary Japanese Director Takashi Miike!

Miike is a highly prolific and controversial Japanese filmmaker – having directed over ninety theatrical, video, and television productions since 1991 – here are some of his more well known films: takashi-miike-films

His films are shocking, daring, controversial, and in many cases, classic action films – he has a brutally unique vision of the world – here are three ways to sample this visionary Director.


 1 – Ichi The Killer!

Miike first caught my eye with this ultra-violent film from 2001 – the story of a hired Assassin who plays rival gangs against each other.


There is some really brutal stuff in this film – but if you have the stomach, it’s a great thrill ride.


Ichi is probably the coolest killer you’ll ever hang out with – see the trailer here:

Next up is an intense thriller that is perhaps his most acclaimed work ever:

Audition Takashi Miike

2 – Audition

This horror classic was recently listed as one of the top 100 horror films of all time…it’s the simple story of a man who pretends to “audition” Actresses in order to meet them – unfortunately, he picks the wrong one…


 It’s a slow-building masterpiece of dread and shock…check out the trailer:


Finally, one of his greatest action films takes you back in time to a feudal society in Japan where only the bravest warriors survive:


3 – 13 Assassins

This is a terrific period action drama from 2010.  It’s loosely based on historical events –  the film is set in 1844 – a group of thirteen assassins secretly plot to assassinate the savage leader of a powerful clan.


This is a great action movie, with terrific performances.  Here is the trailer:

Happy birthday to Takashi Miike! See even more of his work HERE! takashi-miike-films