After building a monstrous off road race worthy VW Beatle and selling it for $63,000 Blake Wilkey should have been celebrating. Well, technically he did celebrate, but in the worst way. Check out the vid below:

Now, normally at ACTION A GO GO we condone … no … we celebrate this sort of lunacy. But Wilkey did this on public streets while not even trying to get permits or anything else that would make this legal. Hell, he didn’t even go to a track dedicated to this sort of thing. Or even the dessert.  And this being an age where everyone has access to Youtube, including law enforcement, this happened. Check it out.

So that is more than a month in jail for getting a bunch of friends (and sponsors) together and having a good time. Now these days notoriety is it’s own reward and maybe there is a racing team out there who could use his help but for the love of all that is internal combustion take it to a track folks! It’s where fun like this is meant to be had and can save you jail time.

source: inside edition