Sonny Chiba may not have been the first actor to play professional assassin Golgo 13, but he’s definitely my personal favorite. Yep, that’s even after two animated films, a TV show, a Nintendo game, and, of course, the manga it was based on.

And something tells me that the crew at AllOuttabubbleGum might agree. After all, they did dedicate an entire “Killcount” video to Chiba’s 1977 turn as Golgo 13 (A.K.A. “Duke Togo”) in GOLGO 13: ASSIGNMENT KOWLOON. You can check that out below.

Now, if someone could do a series-wide count of every time the stone-faced Golgo 13 bedded a woman without smiling. Get on that, Internet.

Source: AllOuttabubbleGum