School Girls Chase Each Other Through City Streets For INSANE Japanese Ad

What this is is anyone’s guess...

Herc Featured 3

Why Did I Watch ‘The Legend of Hercules?’ – Oooh, Herc’s So Pretty!

Written By Zak Attack

A dramatic journey through t...


Comedian Ian Edwards Gives Us An Overview of EVERY Bruce Lee Film

From Ian Edwards comedy album 100% Half-Assed via


‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ SPOILER FREE Review: Don’t Want The Movie Ruined But Still Want To Know If It’s Worth The Money? This Review Is For You

By request, we are including this shorter, spoile...

Early Review: ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’ Works “Reeeaaaalllll Good.” (SPOILERS)

By  Tony Tescadero
Guest Contributor
The wait ...
Cosplay tutorial banner single board

With all the conventions coming up, I thought I’d ...


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After The Fall: Our 10 Favorite F@cked Up Futures (That We Would Clearly Never Want To Live In)

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