The Rise, Fall, and Renaissance of Marvel

In preparation for this Sunday’s Marvel movie panel at Awesome Con, I’ve been slowly digging backwar...


SHACK HOUSE: True Detective Appreciation

In honor of what’s been my favorite television series (anthology, technically) for 2014, here’s some...

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Artist Spotlight: The Future Is A Scary Place Thanks To Aaron Beck!

The future is supposed to be a bright, happy place right? We’re talking about convenience, bright li...

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Women Crush Wednesday: Rebecca Hall And Kate Mara make AAGG Hotter Than Ever!

Transcendence is set to hit theatres this week and we couldn’t think of anyone else to feature other...

Johnny Mnemonic

Why Did I Watch This? : ‘Johnny Mnemonic’

A dramatic journey through the dreck we all know and love

Written By Zak Attack

Internet - 2021

Why Did I Watch Thi...

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Stan Winston Discussing The SFX of Terminator 2

This short behind the scenes look at Terminator 2 (1991) features Stan Winston discussing the work a...


Rap showdown: Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwood

It’s that time again. Time for another EPIC RAP BATTLE OF HISTORY!

Who do you think won?

Tabatha Le...