Check Out This Video Of Mike Tyson Knocking Fools Out!

They didn’t call him the “baddest man on the plane...


CHRONONAUTS Preview: Mark Millar and Shawn Gordon Murphy Break Their Foot Off In The Space-Time Continuum

From the creator of Kick-Ass and Kingsman.

By The ...


Dragon Ball Z Short: Goku Is Dead…But There Is Hope

Check out “Light of Hope,” a DBZ fan film.

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Check Out These Official AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Posters (Now With More Hulk!)

Ultron is coming and all hell is coming with him.


FOCUS Clips: Margot Robbie And Will Smith Bring Back the Sexy Heist Film

This movie is actually looking pretty good...

SNOW (2)

Let’s Finish This Coldest Of Seasons With A Frozen + The Thing Mash-Up From Hell

Prepare yourselves...

Birdman (2)

Editorial: BIRDMAN Winning Best Picture Is the Worst News For Superhero Movies

Oh no, not this crap again.

By Derek Scazella

You ...


AVENGED Trailer: Harm The Innocent And Apache Spirits Will Test Your Nerve

I Spit On Your Grave meets The Crow in this grueso...


Video: Bruce Willis Was The King Of Movie Quips

“The 80’s. You could get away with anything.”

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IRON SKY: THE COMING RACE Trailer: Sarah Palin, Hitler, And Dinosaurs. Could This Movie Try Any Harder?

The sequel to Iron Sky seems determined to tops it...