Cult cinema master John Carpenter unveils the music to his madness.

By Matthew James Rawson

A mundane drive to the store to purchase mundane items would have been as unremarkable as it sounds if not for the chance playing of a particular album over a previously silent stereo.

The trip could be made within minutes, but as the initial track, appropriately titled “Vortex,” built into the pulse-pumping, clenched-jaw call to an impossible realm where badassness is the call of the day; where you are either the hero, the joker, or the dead; where physics slip unceremoniously into a counter-logic funhouse version of itself permitting Men (with a capital “M”) to leap from helicopters into other helicopters suffering nothing more than a momentary soreness of the throat as screams of vengeance and fury crash against the poor fools unlucky enough to be in the way of a righteous quest for Glory; of the cut-break, out-of-control, 18-wheeler of death careening down a crowded highway, driven by a mad ancient Chinese Martian Serial Killer raining down endless carnage upon the innocent but for a hail of bullets spewing forth from a gun wielded by one, singular, person. . .

You. . .as you absorb the alchemical soundscapes of John Carpenter’s “Lost Themes”.

I was that person this evening.

I reached my mundane destination. I purchased those mundane items, but the trip stretched infinitely longer than the mere few minutes of temporal static, and it was filled with drama and genre and action and terror. This brief journey stretched out into an infinite space only limited by a director’s eye and an editor’s blade.

These are the themes for the greatest never-to-be-filmed movies that were ever projected across your mind’s eye as you struggled to drift off to sleep or to remain awake. This is an album not to be discussed, but to be experienced.

So, go leap from your helicopter and experience it. Those silent scenes that play in that ever-dark cinema of your mind finally have their sound.

And, brother. . .it sounds good.

To purchase a copy of John Carpenter’s “Lost Themes” CLICK HERE for the official store.

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About Matt Rawson: I am dedicated to the creation of hand-made art, especially using traditional and innovative pen & ink techniques. I have had work displayed in both private and publicly-funded galleries in the Washington, D.C. area. May work can also be seen in COLONIAL COMICS and the underground all-comics broadsheet MAGIC BULLET.

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